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Be the Change - On Est Pret Week 3

Between 15 November and 15 December 2018, more than 60 French YouTubers will share positive challenges and everyone in the world is invited to take part

and share actions and results online but also among local communities.

To support the project OUTSIDE THE BOX will be listing the suggested actions week after week, from French to English, to hopefully influence our readers all over the world to start small but eventually be part of a bigger movement.

Click on the picture on the left to see the original videos of each challenge (in French).

Do not hesitate to share your comments about these tasks and tell us how it has been going to move on!


This third week coincides with the beginning of the COP 24 discussions in Poland. While a lot, if not most, needs to be done on the governmental and international levels to control and cap the biggest polluters and emitters from the oil and gas, transportation, food and construction industries, it remains critical to be involved and empowered as citizens to trigger change.

What have you done so far?


Day 15

Share your tools and other things you do not use often with your neighbours.

The reason behind: All the electronics we buy and never use (from the drill to the raclette machine we only use in winter) have required energy to be produced and will generate waste eventually.


Day 16

Make your voice heard: on December 8th, climate marches will take place all over the world. Be part of it to show politicians that we are all engaged in the fight for a better world.

The reason behind: Between December 3rd and December 14th, political leaders, international organizations, scientists, Not-For-Profit organizations and the civil society will meet in Katowice in Poland for the COP24 to discuss the measures to take to tackle climate change.


Day 17

Do not accept one-time-use plastic items (cuttleries, cups, packaging, freebies....) and systematically refuse them in the shops. Instead, value what can be re-used.

The reason behind it: an example here.


Day 18

Change your habits when using internet: instead of systematically opening Google to find your favourite websites, create shortcuts to reach them directly. Other search engines like Ecosia support environmentally-friendly projects by planting trees to offset their usage.

The reason behind it: a search on Google emits 7 grams of CO2. In the world, there are in average 40,000 Google requests every second, more than 100 billions monthly!


Day 19

December 3rd marks the beginning of the COP 24 meetings in Poland. On this occasion, raise your voice and talk with your relatives, your friends, members of your discuss about climate change and its direct impacts.


Day 20

I plan my future holidays at a reach, without having to take the plane.

The reason behind it, from The Economist of December 1st, 018: "On average, each person on Earth going about their normal business produces the equivalent of 5 tonnes of CO2 a year. But a single transatlantic roundtrip produces the equivalent of about one tonne per passenger even in economy class".


Day 21

Today, I remove 10 items of waste I find in the street, and I join a "clean walk" association to help clean my community.

The reason behind it: in France, billions of cigarette butts are thrown irresponsibly on the ground. Plastic waste takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, and contributes to polluting nature and killing biodiversity.

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