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Did you know the Palm Oil Advent Calendar?

What we love most at OUTSIDE THE BOX is when our readers all over the world share an article, a page, a comment, a hint of change which ultimately could make a difference.

So when Caroline sent us a link last week there was no way not to share it with you along our #BeTheChange campaign. Thank you so much!

This one is especially dedicated to our Swedish friends as we would like to introduce you to @Palmoljekalendern - the Palm Oil Advent Calendar.

Be ready to be disappointed at your own shopping habits, as this page hunts down most of the Swedish classics, mostly in the sweets section, and points at the brands that use palm oil in their products.

Dumle, Japp, ICA's pepparkakor, Brunsaas, Aladin shoklad...the list is impressive. And it is also interesting, if not infuriating, to see "healthy" products (e.g. gluten or dairy free) there as well.

Each day, one video pops with a new item that makes the Jultomte (the Swedish Santa) pretty furious.

All videos are here - and from our past years in Scandinavia I can tell you that my stomach hurts a little as I had no idea (and possibly also no awareness back then).

And if such an initiative can make as much noise as the campaign against Nutella, then make sure to spare a minute to look at the ingredients of your favourite food items.

There will always be a better option - whether you find it already-made or whether you warm up your oven and your good-old recipe books.

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