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Sustainability Week in Lucerne, 25-29 March 2019

Along many others in the world, cities in Switzerland have been committed to sustainability and have been inviting local communities to take part in various activities, workshops, lectures and more during the so-called Sustainability Week Switzerland.

OUTSIDE THE BOX is pleased to support this year's event with a special focus on the Sustainability Week Lucerne / Nachhaltigkeits Woche Luzern which will take place on 25-29 March throughout the city.

On this occasion, we talked with Pascal Studer, Communications Officer for the event, and asked him to share a few insights regarding what visitors can expect next week.


What is the Sustainability Week Luzern all about?

The Sustainability Week Lucerne is a week full of workshops, activities and discussions all about sustainability. It is organized by students from the different universities of Lucerne and part of the umbrella organization Sustainability Week Switzerland, which sensitizes the subject throughout Switzerland. The Sustainability Week Lucerne starts on Monday, 25. March and ends the following Friday. There is a lot to learn in this week!

What will the visitors be able to find and learn this week?

The week is packed with twenty different events which give interested people the opportunity to see the topic sustainability in various perspectives. You can learn the concept of "Urban Gardening", experts will show you how you can submit an issue about sustainability into politics, you can learn and discuss the impacts and quality of labels... There is just so much to explore! But in the end the Sustainability Week Lucerne is about gathering knowledge which helps you to make the world a more sustainable place.

What are you, as part of the organization team, learning from the planning and conduction of such an event?

As a communications manager I am - together with a colleague - responsible for the positioning of the Sustainability Week Lucerne. This contains tasks like Media Relations, Online Communications or Social Media. For me, it is striking how much I learn about sustainability every day and it's interesting to organize and coordinate the event with my colleagues from the organization team. Due to the fact that it's only the second time the Sustainability Week Lucerne is organized, you have to think about every little working step very deeply. You have to be very clear about the division of work. In general, I am very grateful for that experience.

What does sustainability mean to you?

It means a lot to me. I think, in every step we are taking in our life we should always consider, what kind of impacts these steps have on our planet. I often urge myself to be more critical about myself. Do I really have to throw that away or could I repair it? Why should I fly to Italy if I can take the train? Do I really need to buy a new smartphone if the old one isn't functioning anymore or could I buy a used one? These are simple, everyday questions. But we should ask them more often. And take the consequences seriously if we ignore them.

Check out the week's programme and follow the various event on social media:

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