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Confinement - Week 6

This 6th confinement week in Switzerland surely went better than the previous one during which I was feeling tired and fairly nostalgic. Nothing has changed in terms of the rules and social distance standards to follow; the deconfinement measures listed by the government make everyone see the light at the end of the tunnel...though I feel people have already stopped caring about existing risks.

But again we have been moving forward one week at a time, and as I said, the mood was lighter overall. And this is why we need to celebrate any dandelion flower we can blow into and make a wish with: after all, we are still doing well and I am grateful for it.

The air smells like flowers, our lungs and balcony are full of pollens, our stocks of Kahawa coffee has been refilled (have you read our interview of Matilda?), and the plant nursery is doing surprisingly well.

A quick thumb down though addressed to tmy community. With the hot days ice cream is making its way back to our playground, and along the flowers and green leaves, plastic wrapping have suddently bloomed, too. This was my harvest after 5 minutes only, and to be honest, collecting ice cream packaging at the time of a pandemics is probaly the last thing I wanted to do.

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