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Life always finds a way

A year ago, I invited you to join my progress with our lockdown-driven plant nursery. I had started the project in April with my son, a mix between home-schooling green experiment and a test on my own green thumb, and we ended up with a massive bush of tomatoes, basil, and a nice mixed of flowers and raddishes.

This year I am taking the project much earlier, with a randomly-picked sachet of cucumber and cherry tomato seeds from Lidl. Making it a Sunday afternoon activity my son and I chopped our traditional cotton pads (this time much smaller than last year) and spread the seeds around

And one more time the way nature wants to grow that fast, in the weirdest, most artifical ways ever, surprises me. After three days only the cucumber seeds popped open, made their way out of the pads and turning towards the sunlight.

They have now all been repotted in their temporary, biodegradable shells, until it gets warmer to make they way onto the balcony. The tomatoes are rather shy but will follow soon, and we have made stocks of soils and sticks to prepare in case our garden project turns again into a jungle.

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