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The nursery is ready

It is the usual time of the year, +/- a certain amount of days or weeks based on my motivation and the time I have, to start the plants' nursery. It always starts with some seeds bought randomly at the supermarket, a pack of cotton pads, water, and ultimately A LOT OF FREESTYLING.

I do not know anything about plants, gardening or planting season, and in the times of confinement it is even more fun to do something almost completely random and see if and how it will work (or not).

Two years ago was fairly successful with mini-tomatoes, but last year I failed nicely with strawberries and pumpkin seeds. I excuse this fail by obvious incompetence and no will to learn more and develop our garden section on the balcony. I already had to manage the herbs and tomato trees my husband bought but did not really pamper during the terribly hot summer. We did eat a mini caprese salad from our harvest, that was enough for me.

That being said, the objectives behind the project are always serious:

- making it an educative activity for my son to see how plants grow and evolve

- if I am not failing too hard, getting something to eat out of them

- letting the kid in me replicate the fun experiments we made when I was in primary school.

This year the project involves raddish and tomato, again. Needless to say I was shocked to see the little seeds show me their will to live after barely 24h in their wet cotton pads. The pictures above show you the result after only 5 days, continuous watering and exposure to the sun a few hours on the balcony.

I was expecting to fail, now it looks like I will struggle to find enough space and soil on the balcony for the next step. Let's see also what happens in the coming few days: the gardening shops in Switzerland will only re-open next week, until then I need to keep these little babies alive and happy.


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