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  • Marie

My take on the Art Zug Project

In December 2020, I started the Zug Art Project that had been growing in my mind for a much longer time. It was a creative and colourful way out of a growing monotony in my routines. It was also a way to give my city the credits it should have, for giving its inhabitants the chance to approach art on a daily basis, which is something wonderful not to take for granted.

Looking at my map, I should have now captured a third of Zug art pieces, and I will now need to venture outside of my usual daily zones to get the others.

The Zug Art Project pieces are often weird, let’s admit it: it’s the subjective power of modern art to trigger emotions one would not consider or experience otherwise. But finding the different pieces, like a treasure hunt, invites also our human’s gaming spirit, like an art-driven Pokemon Go search.

Sometimes, as a family, we see something, stop and ask ourselves: “could this one be on the map?!”and we snap a shot, just in case. Surprisingly, some are actually not on the list; however, it made us stop time for a moment and look a little closer at our environment.

Isn’t it the beauty of art?!


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