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Plant nursery: fifth phase

I have to stop lying:

What I had started as a little experiment of mine during confinement has become a great little hobby and so far an achievement that I am quite proud of: i love my little garden. The plant nursery I started from seeds, cotton pads and the left-over, dry soil of last year has become a mini urban garden that I pamper everyday. I spend some time, maybe even too much, each day, to look at the leaves and to water the plants a little but often, as the sun hits us from lunch onward.

Fifth and sixth phase have involved the purchase of fresh soil as the shops re-opened after the end of lockdown and a dose of freestyling combined with some drops of fertilizer, coffee powder and more water. Each small pot was into greater ones, with special focus on the radishes whose roots have been expanding fast and strong.

It was a little challenging to re-pot them, mostly again because of their cotton base and the challenge to cover them entirely with soil. But as you can see on the first, second and fourth pics, they are having the time of their life, and they start "radishing": the pink base is slowly growing, into what should look like an eatable radish eventually. I know they should be totally underground, and they are still growing in a crowded way. But again, the cotton pad experiment has showed not only its limitations, but also its strengths. Yes, I am having a lot of fun and pride seeing these little guys thrive.

I have finally also cleared and cleaned the 2 large wooden buckets: I have removed the old, dead, dry plants as well as their roots, "revitalized" the old soil "my way" (again, a lot of water, drops of fertilizer, some coffee and a lot of motivation) and added new, fresh soil into it. The I planted there some of the strongest radish candidates into one, the strongest tomato plants in the other one.

We have a lot of tomato plants. I am not sure all will survive anyway due to the lack of space (knowing that at least 2 to 4 have been grewing on the same cotton pad), but the plan is to grow them as strong and as long as possible to give them away when they are mature enough.

And as a bonus point, for whatever reason the parsley we planted last year which had dried off during autumn, and which was not watered since then, came back to life: I had used the parsley spot to extensively water the tomato babies, and it seemed to like it. So since then, the parsley guy joined my gardening project and has been pampered also with fresh soil and a haircut (to remove its dry patches).

Along this one, I planted basil seeds, as well as 6 little pots of flower seeds for my son thanks to seeds we got in the latest Migros sticker campaign. Three of them have already bloomed, the other ones should come soon.

Next step? I might be bored not to plant anything....but I guess I now just have to wait and see.

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