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TRY AND SHARE - Comme Avant solid make-up remover

This is probably the package I looked forward the most when confinement ended in France and the production chain of Comme Avant re-opened safely.

For the six weeks we remained at home, I only used Comme Avant cosmetics from the Discovery gift box I had received a few weeks before, and I have to say I was totally pleased: the rhassoul hard shampoo finally made me totally independent from chemical-based liquid brands, and I even found the result a lot more convincing than when using my beloved Lush products.

The shea butter block was also adopted by my husband whose hands really suffered from the continuous washing and desinfecting going on during the pandemics. And I even finished the powdered toothpaste that left me in doubt at first, almost regretting reaching the end of the box. I just liked the simplicity of it all, and the good feelings I have had, using natural products in my daily routines.

So I did not hesitate one second to place an order during lockdown, with a special wish also to support a business that I cared of in a difficult time. I ordered another butter bock, a set of rhassoul shampoos in bulk (an amazing thing they do is selling the "ugly pieces" in bulk instead of discarding them - this is the biggest paper bag on the picture above) and their new product: the solid make-up removal block.

First of all let's look at the beauty of the packaging itself: no plastic, only craft, recycled paper, and the package was so nicely small and compact it was just perfection compared to the other absurd packages we have received.

The solid block, like the other Comme Avant products, can be bought in different sizes, from the individual portion to the loaf. It is mostly made with Jojoba seed oil, which leaves the skin with a nice, soft but yet hydrated feeling afterwards. The use is also simple and limits waste: I make the block wet, rubs it on my wet, reusable cotton pads, and clean my face without any efforts, without having to rince it afterwards. It's been a week now, and it's already been adopted: as much as I have been a satisfied user of micellar water for years now, I am happy I found a zero-waste alternative.

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