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TRY AND SHARE - Oat conditioner

The latest experiment was probably was on the weirdest one, so far. After all, testing already-made cosmetics from big, well-established brands, has nothing to do with testing your own products.

Where did I get this idea? well, the recipe was shared from one of the zero-waste accounts I have been following on Instagram, Mamie Colette. I did not think further than that: we have oats at home, that is sufficient to start the process and reduce my use of conditioner to a max. 2 ingredients mix only.

The process is also absolutely simple: mix 5 tablespoons of oats with half a liter of water, cook until the oats are pretty much dissolved. Filter to keep the gooey water and store in a bottle.

Voila, easy-peasy process.

But what is it supposed to do, you would say? From the website I looked at, oat is supposed to make your hair softer and shinier. Use and rince after your regular shampoo, no need to use it as a mask.


I did not see or feel any change, except maybe that it was easier to brush my wet hair afterwards. Maybe. I am not totally sure. Good point though, it does not smell like anything at all and rinces perfectly. But after all, this is something completely natural so it did not hurt anyway to try for a few days.


Another website I checked afterwards explained that the mixture would have to be used within 5 days. Of course I did not expect the bottle to last long, but I also did not store it in the fridge. The last day when I had planned to use it, the bottle made a weird "pop" that clearly showed the conditioner had finally fermented. And with this came a putrid smell that clearly invited me to stop the experiment and trash it all.

Will I do it again?

As much as it did not hurt anything to try, the lack of effectiveness makes me answer no to this question. But if anyone has more experience about oat-based conditioner, be my guest and leave a comment here!

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