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Corona reveals its Fit Packs design

With the first heatwave of 2019 reaching Europe, managing hot temperatures for many calls for a good, ice-cold beer.

It seems the beverage industry has taken a great lead in changing its supply chain and invest in some good R&D to identify sustainable alternatives to its current methods of production and sales.

Today we gladly share a new innovation from Corona, whose new cans can be twisted into one another, a new system which, according to the brand, could hold up to 10 cans in one go.

Earlier in 2018, Corona had already looked into packaging by proposing the first "aggregator made from plant-based biodegradable fibres, with a mix of by-product waste and compostable materials" (read article from

Have a go and look into the brand's announcement video below to learn more about the new design and its advantages for the environment.

As for me...well a glass of water it will have to be.

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