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ON EST PRET - Challenge Nr. 5 - I protect the oceans!

ON EST PRET - Season 2 is now officially on!

Each day, one eco-challenge is shared with 3 levels of implementation based on how comfortable you are with the actions. Biodiversity and the "protection of the living things" are the key topics in 2019, with the idea that everyone can do something and start somewhere, and that every step, even a small one, can make a difference.

Each time, share your actions and progresses within your community and online, using the #ONESTPRET hashtag. The challenges are meant to be simple and educative, so do not hesitate to involve all generations.

Challenge Nr. 5: I protect the oceans

Today, let's look at the ways we can individually reduce our negative impact on the oceans:

  • Level 1: support organizations, associations and local communities which protect the water-based environments

  • Level 2: Help reduce pollution, already from the streets' gutter and pipes (for instance, cigarette butts should end in waste bins, not on the ground!)

  • Level 3: if you eat fish, reduce your consumption and make sure not to buy and eat from endangered species

ON EST PRET - Season 2: website and resources

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