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TRY AND SHARE - Colgate wooden toothbrush

Last week we talked about the latest updates regarding packaging innovations, with one focus on Colgate toothpaste tube. It was therefore relevant to me to start this first website section by sharing my feedack on the brand's new wooden toothbrush.*


Oh yes, that's for sure, the packaging of the toothbrush suits one's expectation of a natural product:

  • its brownish colours reminds of recycled paper.

  • a nice green logo confirms the material of the toothbrush (bamboo), other logos embrace eco-friendliness discourse (recycling, nature, water management, and a happy smiling planet).

  • green ink highlights the toothrbrush's characteristics.

  • wooden items from bamboo are super trendy at the moment, as well as everything made with active charcoal.

Compared with its plastic, colourful cousins packed in pairs or more (the more, the merrier obviously), this wooden toothbrush looks particularly attractive in the shop if you are targeting eco-friendly items. All green codes are there.

However let's points out the fails in the process:

  • While plastic does not need it, wood material seems to required a little pack of desiccant to ensure it remains dry. I personally would have been happy not to find it there so close to an item I should be putting in my mouth at least 3 times per day.

  • The packaging is not made from recycled carton, but can be recycled. Well, that does make a difference to me: a regular, colourful carton packaging would have ended in the recycling bin anyway.

  • The brush is compostable - well, as mentioned, only if you take the time to remove its bristles properly.

  • The bamboo comes from sustainable plantations - there is no mention of any specific location nor certification confirming the information. And while one could say that China is the house of bamboo in the world, I remain personally critical of all products stating "made in China" in terms of quality, sustainability (including environmental concerns of course but also human rights and safety of the production chain) and quality.

  • The Save Water tip next to a happy, smily planet (illustrating Colgate's campaign Bright Smiles, Bright Futures) is surely a "feel good" message; I just wished however that the focus regarding water was about the production of the toothbrush itself, and not a way to somehow feel better as a user.

For more details on the information disclosed by the brand you can refer directly to the product's infopage online (sadly it does not bring up more details than what I found out from the logos themselves, except probably that the wooden toothbrush is Colgate's strategy to reduce plastic in its supply chain).

Quality test and value for money

  • I have tried so far 2 different brands of wooden toothbrushes (including one from Hydrophil), and this one so far has been the best, for various reasons: The regular grip is great compared to round-shaped ones, which provides a better handle to brush. The design is also pretty.

  • The wood is also covered with beewax (you do not feel it however), which prevents it from being too wet in your mouth, which is obviously a great asset. It is however still advised to let the brush dry properly. I have not tried though the charcoal tablets with it so I am not sure how it would affect the brush's colour, but so far so good.

  • The bristles are great and do their job properly, though I do not really see the point of the charcoal-based infusion.

Price-wise, I bought this toothbrush 2,95E in Germany in DM - funny enough you will find it on the German Amazon page for more than double the price, which is quite surprising (but showing the advantages of shopping in DM for such items compared to Swiss prices). For half the price in the same shop, you will get 3 regular, plastic toothbrushes.


Much greenwashing on the packaging, this is certain, but good product quality for sure (especially if you can get it half price). Thumb up so far and I will do the swop for sure.

*As mentioned in the section's introduction, this post is not supported nor sponsored by the brand.

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Virginie Marty
Virginie Marty
10 февр. 2020 г.

That is crazy. The day I saw your new category “Try and share”, I bought the exact same toothbrush to compare it with my old one from Hydrophil.

I definitely preferred the Colgate one, when it comes to the feeling in the mouth. The desiccant bag was the only bad point I had before reading your article.

Last word: I love this new category!

Tschüssi 🤓

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